How To Continue Your Dry January Habits Throughout The Year

How To Continue Your Dry January Habits Throughout The Year

Dry January has become a worldwide movement, with many people across the globe ditching the booze for one month after an indulgent festive period. A poll showed that one in six people planned to take up Dry January in 2022, that's 7.9 million in the UK alone and one in seven of all UK adults (

If you took on the challenge this year, whether it was for charity, to kick start your fitness or weight loss goals, or just to see how alcohol affects your health and wellness on a daily basis, here are some top tips from Lisa Taylor to continue your new habits throughout the year. 


"If you're partial to a weeknight beer or glass of wine, rather than falling back into old habits, try limiting any alcoholic drinks to the weekend, or even just a Friday or a Saturday. If you don't want to go completely tee-total, then allowing yourself a drink on certain days is a good way to find some balance. Equally, that doesn't mean you can enjoy five cocktails and a couple of bottles of wine - just because it's a Saturday! 


And get stocked up! Keeping a stash of your favourite alcohol-free drinks at home is a great way to make sure you don't cave when temptation hits. Think of the money you'd potentially spend on buying alcohol and treat yourself! There are some great alcohol-free alternatives on the market now; from beers to prosecco and even some great-tasting wines. 


If you're trying to cut back, limit yourself to 3 drinks. This is a good discipline to adopt whether you're at home or on a night out. Remember, the fun doesn't have to stop when you stop drinking, and you can also pace out these three drinks with non-alcoholic beverages in-between. Do you think 3 drinks would feel achievable, or are you conditioned to reach for more out of habit?


A great way to keep inspired is to get reading. One of my favourite books is 'This Naked Mind' by Annie Grace, it's simply a game changer and an essential read! 

Another great book to check out is 'Alcohol Explained' by William Porter, which is a much more scientific approach to the affect alcohol has on our body.


There are now more alcohol-free communities than ever, many of which are online. Here are some of my favourite websites:

Club Soda
Hip Sobriety
Cole Chance Yoga

Let's face it - drinking less, feeling great and achieving a life long dream and ambition has to be a positive thing, but I find that most people struggle more with the alienation from piers on a social level rather than the thought of not drinking. All these sites provide fantastic platforms to meet like minded souls on the alcohol-free journey - you don’t need to do it alone!


As alcohol-free becomes the biggest growth category in the drinks industry, the movement is growing and it's become much easier to find great alternatives. If you've got any drinks recommendations or tips for going tee-total, or if you just want to reach out to tell us about your journey, please get in touch on socials or by commenting below.

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