A Message From Lisa

A Message From Lisa

“Never give up on something that you cannot go a day without thinking about.” 

Winston Churchill

That’s pretty much been my mantra this year and ongoing really since I started my own brand over seven years ago. It sure has been one crazy year, hasn’t it? All our regular routines have been shaken, stirred and completely thrown in the air. All that we assumed to be normal evaporated with that one little word... Coronavirus. My, has it changed things - but in some ways, for the better. Isn’t it totally astounding how adaptable we are as humans? This pandemic has helped us cultivate better habits which will hopefully stay with us for many years to come.
This year has made us appreciate the simple things; walks in nature, being with family, connecting with your community and valuing friendships. I feel Mother Nature took a moment to press pause, forcing us to re-evaluate what is important and to consider what really makes us happy?

 I am totally blessed that I get up every day and do a job that I adore. This year has been our most successful on so many levels and I have you to thank for that, for joining us on the journey and appreciating everything we do. We had the best summer ever with our one-of-a-kind dresses and kimonos and this winter, we launched our home and lifestyle collections and again, were knocked out by how much you loved them.

The energy you, our customers and followers, bring to the business is so important and I want to thank you all for the ongoing support you continue to give. It just reinforces the fact to me that if you produce something with love and thought then that itself attracts positive healing energy. I know we sell products, but it’s also an exchange of energy and that feels more important in a way. It’s how you ‘feel’ when you wear any of our styles that touches me the most; the vibrational shift that lifts our confidence and makes us feel good on the inside.
From myself and the LT team, we wish you all a fabulous Christmas and New Year wherever you may be. This will not last forever and that positive chink of light on the horizon is shining right at us.
Sending love,
Lisa x

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