Colour In The Home

Colour plays an integral part of our lives, setting the mood for the day - be it the weather, what we choose to wear, or the colour of the walls we wake up to. At Lisa Taylor we are firm believers in the power of colour to transform, enrich and balance us. We have put together this introductory guide for those wishing to explore colour, inspired by the core spiritual beliefs held by our founder and designer Lisa. 


  • Everything that surrounds us carries an energy, including ourselves.
  • Our chakras sit within us and connect the physical body to the energy around us.
  • Think of the chakras as internal windows that manage the natural flow of our energy.
  • They are a simple concept yet profoundly important – when they are in balance, so are we.


Synaesthesia the official word for sensory colour.

Just like we vibrate with ‘energy’, each colour also vibrates with its own frequency.

Using colour to help balance our chakras is a powerful way to feel energised, either when you’re going through a ‘flat moment’ or are feeling depleted of


If seeking the right balance in the home, and unsure where to start - use this framework as a colour guide.

  • Bedrooms Pastels, nudes, calming tones to soothe.
  • Living Rooms Great for strong vibrant colours, more activity happens here and it aids creativity.
  • Green plants and flowers Lift, enhance and re-energise your home space.
  • Keep clutter to a minimum When your space around you is clearer, so is your mind.
  • Powerful paintings Not only to inspire you, but also to add moveable colour to your walls. 


 We were inspired by the bold colour choices of Jasmine Hemsley's home and her use of our recycled kantha cushions to exude positive, life-affirming energy.


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