How I'm Walking Into 2021

Normally, starting a new year is about setting new resolutions around things we want to STOP doing; drinking too much, eating unhealthily, smoking. However, this year I am thinking about all the fabulous new habits we have already formed due to the pandemic and carrying them forward into a brighter, more optimistic 2021. Here are some of tips for the new year:  

1. Continuing to be kinder to myself and all those around me - kindness and compassion are so important as we’ve seen this year.

2. Diarising more ‘self-care’ and ‘personal development time’ - just like you would do with work or an appointment. If our creativity is to flourish and move in new directions, then we must honour it enough to give it time to evolve and grow.

3. Staying connected with nature for an hour a day - long walks, gardening, open swimming. This in turn takes us back to the breath and breathing in fresh air deeply (we all know this is a game changer, so just do it!)

4. Spending more time on the mat - if you don’t regularly practice yoga or pilates, get an online coach or find some tutorials and book it in your diary for 2/3 mornings a week. Set your alarm early and force yourself to get up to do 20 mins on the mat. Once you’re doing 2/3 mornings, try to up it but just start with what’s achievable... you won’t look back.

5. Reconnecting with a journal - I always take one on retreat in the new year and brain dump all the things I want to tackle, which really kick starts my year. I am retreating here in Kent this year and I will be starting a new one just like any other year.

6. Caring consciously for others - just being there to listen and allowing others to be ‘heard’ without feeling compelled to dish out advice. Holding space for others is the greatest gift you can offer.

7. Being present and not worrying about what’s gone or stressing about what’s next - going with the flow takes time but when you are in the flow, life is way easier.

8. Feel to heal - by working through our own inner world, we naturally embark on our own self-healing journey. This in itself allows us to unlock our true potential. Believe in the impossible, we all need to remember what it means to trust again.

Remember, the work we were trained to do was not necessarily the work we were born to do. Wouldn’t it be great to get on the right path for 2021? If you ask, the universe will always support you, it's whether you're brave enough to hear the answers coming back at you!

On Saturday 23rd January, I am doing a 2 hour online workshop on all my favourite topics around daily rituals and energy management. Understanding some basic concepts around looking after our energy field, so that we feel great mentally, physically and spiritually for the year ahead. The workshop will be full of practical tools and advice that will prove invaluable and soon become just part of your everyday life. We'll have more information coming on this but please add the date to your diary if you're interested in joining me.

Have a Fantastic New Year and see you on the other side.
Lisa x

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