Our Take on Black Friday

The Black Friday weekend is upon us - although we’re sure your inboxes are already inundated with emails shouting about the best deals and the biggest savings! Although there is the temptation to snap up some great offers this weekend, Black Friday can often cause panic buying and urge us to make purchases, we don’t really need. We believe that every purchase you make, especially when it comes to fashion, should be one that you’ve considered and thought through to make sure it will truly benefit you.

This Black Friday weekend, we want you to avoid making any rushed purchases and to instead look through your wardrobe and around your home, at the things you already own, and:


That coat with the ripped pockets in – get out the sewing machine or find a seamstress. Those trousers you’ve not worn in over a year – experiment with styling to give them new life. That dress you bought that needs altering – make time this weekend. Those tops you bought but never wore – get together with your friends and organise a clothes swap.
The options are endless so rather than being blinded by the Black Friday madness, take your time and don’t feel pressured by the constant stream of mainstream sales, discounts and bargains. If you do feel driven to shop, please support the small independent brands, boutiques and retailers that really need your support throughout the festive period.

Lisa Taylor x

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