Why Choose A Reusable Face Mask?

It's safe to say that face masks and coverings are going to be part of our lives for the foreseeable future. However, the amount of plastic waste currently created by disposable masks is really quite astonishing. Reusable masks are the way forward and the only sustainable option to avoid the ongoing environmental impact to our planet. There are several reasons why we think the ethical production of reusable masks is so important: 

  • One-use surgical masks are in high demand by the NHS and other healthcare and key workers, who are trained how to use PPE effectively and dispose of it properly. This includes things like wearing PPE for a single use, time-limited period, and disposing of it without contaminating other surfaces. The general public may not have access to, or knowledge of such protocols for proper use.
  • The manufacturing of disposable surgical masks also involves the use of single-use-plastics, a problem which is already causing serious environmental damage globally.
  • Reusing a washable face masks also save you money over time. Which is something we can all appreciate during such uncertain times. 

All our reusable face masks are currently on offer, so you can now grab two for £20 (instead of £25) saving you 20%. That means you've got one to wear and one to wash, plus each set comes with an additional gift bag for storage. Every mask is made from beautiful recycled sari off-cuts and lined with a luxury cotton fabric so they sit comfortably on your face. They're perfect for everyday wear, ideal for styling with your favourite outfits and make great gifts for loved ones.

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