Meet Lisa

Lisa Taylor started the LT brand in 2013 after 25 years treading the corporate circuit; working at brands such as Warehouse, Oasis and Karen Millen. Initially, she trained as a designer and learnt her craft of sourcing, product development and buying whilst travelling the world putting collections together for brands. It was at this time the process of evolving her own ideas and concepts around recycling and hand made products began.

Lisa is a natural nomad and gypsy, living previously in the Far East and Sydney. Still today, travel is always the starting point for all her creative projects with India as her spiritual and creative home. She’s also a yoga fanatic, healer and medium; spending 10 years at the College of Psychic Studies.

Lisa is a stylist and a curator; driven by colour, print, textiles and embellishment.

“It’s important to me how a garment or a look is translated into your everyday life, and that our pieces are wearable and accessible. I love taking the vibrancy and energy of India and translating it into cool, stylish pieces that can make women of all sizes and ages look and feel amazing.

I’m also captivated at how colour itself carries its own vibration and as customers ourselves, we are all drawn to certain tones for specific reasons. Colour has the ability to uplift us and shift our mood. It can take us to a place of harmony and generally assist in shifting our energy to take us to a more positive space.” Lisa Taylor

Lisa is passionate about creating ageless, timeless styles that make the wearer feel alive, confident and full of inner self belief. Each piece in the Recycled Collection carries a story from the past and as each new customer connects with one of our pieces, they are drawn together to create new stories and adventures together in the future.