Reset, Re-energise, Relaunch | We're taking a break

"First of all, I'd just like to say thank you for continually supporting our brand and making Lisa Taylor Design what it is. The ever-changing situation continues to challenge small businesses like ours on a daily basis and I can't tell you how much we appreciate every sale, every follow, every like.

This February, myself and the team will be taking a break from the digital world of LT. No, we won't be kicking back and putting our feet up - we'll be using this time to work behind the scenes on some new and exciting projects for 2022.

At present, I should have been in India pressing the reset button. That quality time away to recharge and reflect is absolutely invaluable to me; sometimes it's essential to just allow yourself to just breathe and be. As a small business owner, you find yourself responsible for every single aspect of your brand and its community, which is why this time is so important. It's about honouring and valuing yourself, and knowing that self care, rest and recuperation is an essential ingredient to feed the soul and creative juices for the next exciting part of our journey.

Just to confirm, our online store will still be live, orders will still be sent out, and the team will still be available should you need help, either via social media or email.

See you on March 1st lovely people! Thank you for joining us on our journey."

Lisa x