The current state of the fashion industry is hard to ignore. Around 35% of fabric is wasted throughout the manufacturing process (Nyheder 2017) and a massive 300,000 tonnes of used clothing (around £140 million worth) goes to landfill in the UK, every year (Wrap 2017).

By creating our Recycled Collection, we are proud to offer a sustainable yet luxury approach to fashion for women who want to shop more consciously. We believe that fashion isn't something that can be thrown away and that each purchase you make should be an investment - a garment with a story and a journey.

Each style in the Recycled Collection is hand-sourced, beginning life as beautiful sari and kantha fabrics that have been traded in. We take our time to source the best quality fabrics and spend days searching to find the perfect colours, designs and materials, which are then laundered and up-cycled into our bestselling pieces by small independent factories in Delhi and Jaipur.

To buy a style from the LT Recycled collection is to invest in a sustainable and quality-made garment that you, and only you will be proud to have in your wardrobe.

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